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Veronica York

High Conflict Divorce Coach &

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Custody Expert

Phone: (214) 886-9006


After a 20-year sales and marketing career in the Television Industry, Veronica York felt a passion and calling to make a career change. Due to her own experience with a “high conflict” custody battle that started in 2018, she realized that the best interest of children was not the priority in the family court system. Children are suffering unnecessarily due to outdated practices of judges, lawyers, evaluators, and other court professionals.


Veronica became a Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach in March 2021 and immediately started her coaching practice. In addition to helping her clients navigate their custody battles, she has partnered with Barry Goldstein, a leading expert witness in contested custody cases involving domestic violence and child abuse. Barry and Veronica work together to educate court professionals by exposing them to current scientific research such as the ACE and Saunders studies. This research strongly supports protective mothers’ cases and encourages reform of practices that work poorly for children. 


Veronica has advanced training in family law mediation, writes articles and performs speaking engagements on the topic of contested custody in domestic violence and child abuse cases. She also does training for family court professionals on the misuse of parental alienation and the tactics of Post Separation Abuse during a divorce.

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Veronica York’s Published Articles

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High Conflict Divorce Coaching
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“I am overwhelmed by false accusations against me. How do I communicate with my ex, so I am not portrayed as ‘part of the problem’ in this divorce?”

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