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We have found that every client and their family is very unique and different. They each possess their own beautiful gifts and talents. They also carry their own set of struggles and areas that need growth. Through years of experience we have been able to identify many areas that clients tend to have difficulty with:

Academic Underachievement

School Refusal

Learning Differences

Emotional Challenges

Behavioral Problems

Poor Social Skills

Identity Issues


Trauma and/or Abuse

Adoption and Attachment Issues




Oppositional Defiance

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Other Psychological/ Psychiatric Disorders

Sexual Promiscuity

Poor Self Image


Suicidal Tendencies

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Poor Communication Skills

Maladaptive Coping Skills

Therapeutic Placement Consulting
High Conflict Divorce Coaching

Communicating effectively with a narcissist or any high conflict person is like learning a new language. Fortunately, they are predictable and can be tamed with the right strategies. In your coaching sessions you will learn how to:

Debunk false claims and allegations against you

Choose your battles wisely and strategically

Remove yourself from conflict and come out unscathed

Document your concerns and issues in an effective and organized way

Determine what is important to your case and what isn’t

Prepare for a Child Custody Evaluation, Meetings with Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), Parent Facilitator, Mediator, Therapist and Attorneys

Combat false claims against you of parental alienation, enmeshment or gatekeeping

Help your children through the process with good mental and emotional health

Practice Self Care and Give yourself a break

We offer the guidance and direction you seek.

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