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What is a High Conflict Divorce Coach?

Navigating through a high conflict divorce can be isolating and exhausting. Having someone on your side who understands the tactics and downright nastiness of a high conflict individual can be invaluable. Veronica will help you get centered and start identifying areas you need to focus on, tools you can use and strategies to get your life back.  

The most important aspect of a high conflict divorce is doing what is in the best interest of the children. Unfortunately, the family court system does not understand these types of cases and the children are often the ones who suffer the most. By utilizing a high conflict divorce coach you can start working towards minimizing the effects on your children and their lives during this treacherous and confusing time. 

Coaching does not take the place of a therapist or an attorney. A coach will be your thinking partner, confidant and be able to give you guidance from a neutral third party perspective. There is not a one size fits all approach to a divorce, especially a high conflict divorce. Each case is unique and comes with its own set of challenges that deserve a customized strategy.  That is where a coach is most helpful. 

If you are just beginning your battle, Veronica can help you set boundaries, learn how to communicate in a court-approved way and help you decode the nasty narcissistic emails and text messages. 

If you have been in this battle for a while now, Veronica can help you renew your warrior spirit, create power statements and learn coping mechanisms. 

As your coach, Veronica will listen and ask important questions that will help sculpt next steps and actions items in your case.


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How will a High Conflict Divorce Coach help me?

Communicating effectively with a narcissist or any high conflict person is like learning a new language. Fortunately, they are predictable and can be tamed with the right strategies. In your coaching sessions you will learn how to:

Debunk false claims and allegations against you

Choose your battles wisely and strategically

Remove yourself from conflict and come out unscathed

Document your concerns and issues in an effective and organized way

Determine what is important to your case and what isn’t

Prepare for a Child Custody Evaluation, Meetings with Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), Parent Facilitator, Mediator, Therapist and Attorneys

Combat false claims against you of parental alienation, enmeshment or gatekeeping

Help your children through the process with good mental and emotional health

Practice Self Care and Give yourself a break


Consulting Sessions

All sessions are conducted by Phone or Zoom

Single Session


9 Sessions


3 Sessions


12 Sessions


6 Sessions


6 month contract


Sessions As Needed & On-Call Services

How to Book a Session

New Clients

1.   Review & sign client information and policies

2.  Pick Session Package and Book on Calendar

Appointments are Central Time

3.  Complete new client paperwork at least 24-hours prior to session

Existing Clients

1.   Book on calendar 

Appointments are Central time

2.  Submit session prep form 

Due 24-hours prior to call

3.  6 month contract (if applicable) 

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From Suggested Online Courses, Recommended Reading Material, Research and beyond. We have some great resources for you to utilize on your journey. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

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